Ensure A Successful Call In 10 Seconds or Less by Bill Reis

First impressions are everything, and over the phone you have 10 seconds or less to get it right. Your opening statement is the most important part of your call. Hit a home run here and everything else is just a walk in the park.

Regardless of the type of call you are on, your opening statement must pique the listener’s curiosity and put them in a positive frame of mind to engage with you. Here are some rules to follow to ensure a compelling opener:

Write It Out: 
Scripts are terrible if they make you sound like you are reading from a script. Your opening statement, however, needs to be prepared ahead of time to make sure you get it right. Write out exactly what you want to say, but at all costs do not sound like you are reading from a script.

Make It Exciting: 
If you were the person hearing your opening over the phone, would it excite you? If you wouldn’t be compelled to hear more, the people you are calling won’t be either. You’re better off tossing it and starting again.

Make Every Word Count: 
Your best work on your opening is going to be done in the editing. Does every word and statement add value and pique interest? Cut out any fluff so that your opening statement is brief but packs a hard punch.

Don’t Mention Products or Services: 
If the listener thinks they’re about to hear a sales presentation you’re doomed. Talk about ideas and results at the beginning of the call, and avoid mention of your products or services in the opening.

Know Where You Are Headed: 
A great opening will effectively transition you to the next part of the call. Know what questions you will ask next that will get you additional information. It is too soon at this point to ask for a sale or appointment. 

When crafting your opening statement, your goal is to communicate that you have something that may be of help and you simply need more information to find out. Convey your Unique Selling Proposition, why you are the best solution over everybody else, and you’ll close more deals once everything is said and done.

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