Increase Sales With The Theory of Contrast

The Theory of Contrast is a negotiating technique that can literally transform your sales overnight. The principle is simple: when selling, ask for more than you expect to get.

Investment agents will use the Theory of Contrast to get people to invest more than they normally would by asking prospects if they would one day be willing to invest $50,000 if a great opportunity presented itself.

This not only weeds out prospects without serious intentions of investing, but it also raises their psychological standard of how much they should invest.

Use this same technique to put a bigger picture in your prospect’s minds, and close higher sales as a result.

Create a Win-Win Environment

The Theory of Contrast should be applied so that the other person feels good about their purchase. It allows you to create a win-win environment where both parties are satisfied.

If you have the authority to lower prices in order to get more business, start with the original price. You can use the sale price as in incentive for a larger order.

Don’t Win A Sale And Lose A Customer

One thing you should not do is push a large order if it’s not in the best interest of the buyer. You may get the sale, but you won’t gain a customer.

You want your customer to see the value in what they are purchasing. Allow them to consider their available options but end up with the purchase that is right for them.

Don’t Limit Yourself

Additionally, don’t be hindered by self-made limits. Just because you would never buy the deluxe edition does not mean it isn’t the best choice for your customer. Don’t be afraid to suggest a larger purchase. If the opportunity is right, go for it.

Ask for more than you expect to get. A small mindset will get you small sales. Think big, ask big, and you will see exponential results.

Bill Reis

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