Feel The ‘Love’ Not The ‘Fear’ In Our Current Times

Question from seeker:


I am a man of action when action is called for. So I’m here wondering if now is the time in real estate. I’m not talking about the motivation stuff or the green stuff, but if this is the time.

Here’s what I see, but don’t know how clearly. I see that the standards for lending are tough now and will continue to be tough so that home-buying is more difficult even though interest rates are still low. I see that homes will sell quickly if offered at a sufficiently attractive price. I also see that there are many areas where houses are being “abandoned” to foreclosure and, in those areas, there are few buyers.

So I say to myself that if this isn’t a great time to do lease-purchase then there isn’t a better time. There are “buyers” out there who would otherwise find financing that cannot now. They want home ownership, but the traditional market won’t serve them. There are desperate sellers out there who would not mind getting a fair price under an option contract. Am I just blowing smoke here? Where do you see opportunities (as well as opportunities to do well “greenwise”)?

Also, I am thinking that now is the time to get my real estate license so I can monitor the market around here very closely and, perhaps, come up with deals I would otherwise miss.

Oh, great mentor, please give me your counsel.

I hope you and your family are doing well.



Feel the ‘love’, people with abundance will always see the ‘light’ in a bad situation. They actually have a ‘contrarian’ mindset…..they see opportunities in distress. The Great Depression at it’s time made more affluent millionaires than any time before that. Now, we are at such a distress point in our nation’s financial status except our current times are worst.

Yet, it is another big opportunity for those with an abundance/opportunist mindset. We are very excited about the current situation not in seeing others ‘suffer’ but in seeing a chance to offer solutions while so many see problems. We are picking up bargain ‘Cashflow’ properties, investing in Green Builds, and our investments and charitable works are 2.0 (Like Web 2.0, we are entering our second phase of growth.)

Cheers to success in turbulent times!

Minh Pham

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