Unreasonable Investors

Here’s a funny communication from a investor prospect looking to purchase some of our properties.

Prior email from Miriam :

I just talked to Doroteo Manriquez Durango, and he is NOT a prospect.
He says his friend just bought a 3 bedroom house in MD for $53k and that is what he expects to pay.

He lives 2 blocks from 6615 Via Park Rd, and claims that in the 5 years that he lived in Capitol Heights it has always been very bad (drugs, crime). 

The area is “awful, very awful, with lots of drugs” (which people hide anywhere, including in the mailboxes). 

$189,750 for Torrent is therefore totally out of question.


I think you are mistaken, he’s a great prospect and I will sell our beautifully renovated and staged home on 6615 Valley Park Rd , which we already have a buyer at $197,500 to him for actually $43K, a $10K lower early Christmas gift then his expected offer.

Or we can sell him, our hard earned Warren Ave property which we are renovating to him for just $2500, we put into it about $100K since we are just giving stuff away.

And then, we’ll join his crime infested neighborhood and live on the same street as he is living on.

Of course, not knowing how to speak Spanish, we are just assuming he was interested and this was the message from our receptionist. Obviously, he loves the crime or else he would have moved out by now and obviously, this guy is also a neighborhood junkie since he’s smokin’ the crack also.

People like him obviously never understand business nevertheless, some common sense.

I only add the humor because you can only laugh at this stuff. In the future, if you are so turned off by these types of individuals, I’ll pass it on to one of our Hispanic liaisons on our team and she can filter the call. I attached her email here in the event you may ever need such a team member.


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