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Guarantee Profits, LLC helps small businesses. Our firm is a one-stop-shop that allows our clients to focus on what is important . . . the customer.

We know that small business owners are simply too close to the problem to see the solution, can’t take time away from their daily tasks, or may not be an expert in solving a particular situation. What might take an hour or two to solve for a small business consultant, would require several hours with multiple interruptions for the small business owner. We have an affordable solution to your problem and are here to help 7 days a week.

Whether it’s a large business challenge requiring an expert opinion, developing a new business strategy, or simply assisting with the creation of that spreadsheet you have been procrastinating and neglecting for the last few weeks, we’re here to help with an affordable solution!

We are Certified Business and Life Coaches with a private practice for more than combined 45 years. We will coach you through an entrepreneurial or business challenge(s) that will give you several ideas of how to quickly conquer your challenge. We will provide expert insights into the next, and best steps to take!

Save the cost of employees and taxes by outsourcing the help you need. Take the time to build your business and become more profitable! Be more productive in your business, avoiding unnecessary wasted time. Act now to become a better business in quality, service, and receiving greater profits by increasing your sales and cutting your costs. We can put together a package of specific services and consulting you need to improve the operation of your business.

We are so excited to champion your business growth! You deserve to have the business success you’ve dreamed of. Don’t let poor marketing strategies stand in your way of becoming a magnet for customers and profits. We also coach new entrepreneurs who need clarity on their business and how to grow it. We have multiple certifications to provide you the strategies you need to skyrocket your business. And as successful Entrepreneurs, Internet Marketers and Consultants we will help you spotlight opportunities for your business and review strategies to potentially increase revenue (income).

Our principals have been in your shoes and understand that you have all of the needs of a larger business, but you may not have the budget to hire additional staff to handle those needs.

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